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AwakeKidOnes are beings of light that are considered by “others” to be different.

AwakeKidOne’s mission is to help these little, tweens & teens, young adults be seen, heard and supported.

“Awaken, awaken, awaken within
Listen to light and then we’ll begin
Listen & Honor the Wisdom of Trees
Butterfly blessings, the buzzing of bees
Listen to the energy deep in your spine
Remember who you are ~ U R Real ~ You are Divine”
– Melissa A. Boyd, Universal Life Minister

In truth, these quiet, eccentric creative souls are full of spark, passion, and wisdom. These beings are born with bubblegum hearts, kind, wise eyes, and fantastic ideas. You feel timeless in their presence. Words that describe Awake Kids are charismatic truth seekers, zestful thinkers, artistic, planetary aware, and love not just for the next generation but for the 200th one! We are a loving circle of synergistic love with luminous bubbles of bliss and zestful inspiration. Won’t you jump on the wave of light to receive and provide synergistic abundance ( mind and body as one integrating all-knowing time and cosmic awareness).

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